IFS Directors

Alan Appelbaum has contributed research design, consultation and analysis on literally thousands of studies implemented in the US and worldwide.

Alan is on the Board of Directors of GlobalNR an international network of market research consulting firms. He is a quantitative researcher as well as professionally certified moderator and member of the QRCA, American Marketing Association, the Market Research Association and ESOMAR.

Some of the major categories covered include publishing, travel and tourism, advertising communication, consumer electronics, mobile communications, pharmaceuticals, fragrance, beauty aids and automotive.

He has broad expertise with all aspects of research design, data gathering and analytics. He has been a guest lecturer at ESOMAR conferences, IATAN and has written articles for Marketing News, published by the American Marketing Association.

Jan Flechsig has been specializing in international data collection since 1999, and gained experience with hundreds of multi country studies.

Jan has been working in international market research since graduating from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. He started in a London based market research company and subsequently moved to Spain in 2001 in order to co-found the international data collection agency Rosenthal Research. Jan is a member of MRA, ESOMAR, ANEIMO and AEDEMO.

Uwe Förster has been involved in market research since 1974 and contributed to the development of professional data collection structures in Germany. Uwe founded Germany’s largest independent data collection agency called Foerster & Thelen. As well as being the managing director of Foester&Thelen, he is shareholder in three other German research companies. Uwe has a degree in economics and sociology and is a member of ADM and BVM.

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